Student code of Conduct

Aplus training's commitment to you

We will:

  1. Value people equally regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion, sexuality and transgender status in accordance with the Aplus "Equality and Diversity" policy and "Single Equality Scheme".
  2. Keep woking to make training life ever fairer and better.
  3. Provide you with a safe and secure environment in which to learn.
  4. Give you the opportunities to improve your health and well-being and provide you with a healthy environment.
  5. Provide opportunities for you to give us feedback through the 'Learner Voice'.
  6. Help you choose courses which are right for you.
  7. Offer you support, advice and guidance on your progression opportunities.
  8. Support you in your learning and wherever possible, provide resources which meet your individual needs.
  9. Set targets with you that are achievable yet challenging.
  10. Ensure that assessments and reviews of your learning are clear, regular and constructive.
  11. Give you feedback on your progress through our reporting and reviewing process.
  12. Provide information to your parent/carers (under 19) on your attendance and achievement.
  13. Deal promptly and fairly with any complaints you may have.

YOUR commitment - what we expect from you

We expect you to:

  1. Play an active part in equality and diversity, by respecting the rights of others and reporting inappropriate and unsafe behaviour.
  2. Have full attendance at all timetable activities.
  3. Be punctual for all timetabled activities - late means late!  You will be marked as late on the register if you are not at the start of your lesson/session.
  4. Understand that if you are eligible for a Bursary or EMA:
    • Payments are not only reliant on attendance but also behaviour and attitude 
  5. Complete your work to the best of your ability, by agreed/set deadlines.
  6. Take responsibility for your learning by participating in all learning activities and review processes.
  7. Seek help when you need it and take up the support offered to you.
  8. Attend all scheduled learning support sessions if they are offered to you.
  9. Pay all fees promptly when due.
  10. Make learning successful for everyone by behaving in a way that promotes a cooperative, positive and productive environment.
  11. Respect the training environment.  Use the recycling facilities available and be responsible of keeping learning and soicla areas clean and tidy.

What we don't expect from you

On all sites we will not tolerate:

  1. Any form of bullying or discrimination.
  2. Any form of physical, emotional or verbal threat to any other student of member of staff.
  3. Any inappropriate language, disrespect or abuse toward any student or member of staff.
  4. Any actions that break the training centres Health and Safety rules, such as setting off fire alarms or other unsafe behaviours
  5. Anyone coming on to any Aplus training centre under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, herbal or so called legal highs or any other substance.
  6. The use of possession or sale of alcohol, illegal drugs, solvents or other harmful substances, including herbal/non herbal substances.
  7. The carrying of any weapon or use of any item as a weapon.
  8. Any behaviour which constitutes a disruption to the learning of others.
  9. Any copying of the work of others (plagiarism)
  10. Any inappropriate use of IT including cyberm social networking or online bullying.
  11. The use of mobile phones or any other electronic devices in any teaching sessions - unless directed to do so by the teacher as part of learning.
  12. Smoking or Spitting on the grounds of any Aplus training centre.
  13. Damage to any Aplus property or graffiti
  14. Leaving of litter or gum anywhere but in the bins.

The breaking of any of the above could result in disciplinary action being taken under the "Gross Misconduct" procedures.

Failure to comply with this aspect of this code of conduct may be grounds for the disciplinary procedure to be instigated.

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